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Graphic & UX Desginer

I'm a creative professional with a knack for turning high-pressure challenges into showcases of strategic insight and innovative output. My world is one where organization meets creativity, where marketing strategies are infused with a deep appreciation for art in all its forms—especially the vibrant life of street art.

My passions extend beyond the professional sphere. I'm a passionate traveler, and culture lover, at times I might capture the world's beauty through photography as a hobby. Movies aren't just leisure for me; they're a source of endless inspiration, teaching me new ways to tell stories and connect with audiences.

This website is more than just a portfolio; it's a glimpse into how my professional endeavors are enriched by my personal journeys and artistic explorations.


Here, I share not just my work, but the diverse inspirations behind it!


Branding / Graphic Design / UX Design / Digital Marketing Strategy


LWTech / Washington / 2024

Bellevue College / Washington / 2020

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